Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stone Sour will release two more cover EPs

Stone Sour announced that release two more EPs of cover songs and will contain songs of Motley Crue, Bad Brains, Rage Against The Machine and Violent Femmes. The two EPs are titled, "Straight Out Of Burbank" and "No Sleep 'Till Burbank". Below you can read some excerpts:

Corey Taylor said about "Meanwhile In Burbank...": "It's pretty cool the way we're doing it. We're doing the exclusive 'Record Store day' release. And I know there's plans to release it later, I'm not sure when, just to kind of build a buzz around it. It's kind of jumped out of our hands, which is pretty sweet. We were just kind of doing this to kind of fill in some blanks and have some fun and do whatever. There's obviously the little bit of negativity where everybody's just, like, 'Oh, well, they're doing covers. They're over.' And it's, like, that's not exactly why we're doing it, assholes. So just settle down and go back to your troll den and figure it out."

If Stone Sour will film videos for any of the songs on "Meanwhile In Burbank...", Corey Taylor said: "I don't know... We're kind of letting it happen organically. If people wanna play it, they can; if they don't, they don't have to. For us, I mean, our obligation just kind of stops with putting it out, 'cause we wanna put it out. We just wanna share some of these songs that we grew up loving, and we just kind of wanna pay homage to the bands that got us into music in the first place. It's, like, we do a cover of 'We Die Young' on this. Alice In Chains is one of my favorite all-time bands, and I love that song. So we wanted to do that tune. And it's the same with Metallica, it's the same with Judas Priest."

About what fans can expect from next Stone Sour EPs, "Straight Out Of Burbank" and "No Sleep 'Till Burbank", Corey Taylor said: "The next EPs, just to give you a little hint, it's got everything from Bad Brains to Motley Crue on it. And then the third one is gonna probably have everything from Violent Femmes to Rage Against The Machine. We've got some great ideas for it. We're gonna give it our own little spin, kind of like what we did on our cover of the Metal Church's The Dark, but not as heavy. But we're just gonna do our thing and give it almost an AC/DC kind of vibe, really give it a rock vibe, 'cause that tune's got that kind of spirit to it. We're just having fun with it. Huge chords... We're going to really play with a lot of the crazy musical stuff that's going on in it."

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