Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Nightwish's Floor Jansen: "People have to stop defining bands as 'Female-Fronted'"

Nightwish singer Floor Jansen recently interviewed by Metal Nation Radio, below you can read some excerpts.

About bands like Nightwish are defined in the category "female-fronted symphonic metal": "Now there is already 'symphonic metal' behind it, so it narrows it down... It says a little more about what the music actually does. There seems to sometimes be an entire genre called 'female-fronted metal.' 'Oh, so you're in a female-fronted metal band?' 'Oh, yeah? Am I?' What on earth does that say? Because then Revamp is a female-fronted metal band, and so is Nightwish. But those bands don't sound alike at all. Arch Enemy is a female-fronted metal band, but so is Delain. They don't sound alike at all. The only thing they both are are metal bands, but the style within metal is so massively different that it doesn't really say much whether there's a girl singing or not. So it's really not so important. Plus, to emphasize the difference in sex between men and women, I think we've had that time by now."

Jansen added: "It's not so surprising that there are more women in metal bands. And they're not just fronting them. There are drummers and guitar players, bass players... So I would say, get over it and just call it 'symphonic metal.' It doesn't really matter who is singing."

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