Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Nightwish's Floor Jansen: "I'm not the kind of singer that's always super, super careful"

Jo Sch├╝ftan of Horns Up Rocks! interviewed Nightwish singer Floor Jansen. Below the video and some excerpts:

"There are very obvious ones I could say here, like I work out, I eat healthy, I sleep a lot — or enough, anyway. They are all very, very true. But I think a healthy dose of fun and letting go a little bit is equally important. I'm not the kind of singer that's always super, super careful. Because when I did that, it just bit me in the ass somehow. Because you need your fun, and you don't wanna overanalyze everything you do. So a good glass of red wine, or maybe a little bit too much every now and then is just fine. Heavy boozing, not so much, because you don't recover enough from it. But if there's a good party, then I think I should go with the flow. The only thing I always have to avoid is cigarette smoke and loud talking. That is not a diva thing; that is just a fact that it's really bad for your voice."

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