Thursday, April 16, 2015

Metallica's Kirk Hammett: "The new material is a little bit more progressive than 'Lords Of Summer' song"

In a recent interview with SiriusXM's Liquid Metal, Metallica's Kirk Hammett spoke about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the next album of the band. Below some excerpts:

"I would say some of the stuff we have written is similar to 'Lords Of Summer'. 'Lords Of Summer' is pretty accessible, because I think it's one of the more accessible-sounding riffs and there's a really cool melody. A lot of the other material is a little bit more progressive, kind of along the lines of what 'Death Magnetic' turned out to be. I would say that there's some really, really hooky stuff coming through really, really catchy stuff and I'm really, really psyched on the direction of how things are sounding. If I could compare it to anything, maybe it might be remotely similar to the approach we took on [1988's] '…And Justice For All', but it doesn't sound like '…And Justice For All' sonically it doesn't have that sound that '…And Justice For All' had, which I thought was very unique at the time. I listen to a lot of metal bands today, and there are bands that really like that '…And Justice For All' sound and strive for that. And cool, man. I mean, they're actually doing it better than we did, 'cause you can hear the bass."

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