Monday, April 13, 2015

Halestorm's Lzzy Hale talks about the new song "Dear Daughter"

Halestorm recently interviewed by about the new song "Dear Daughter", you can read some excerpts below:

Lzzy said: "This is a subject that… I mean, obviously, Arejay and I grew up with a very supportive mother. We decided to start a rock band, and she actually said, 'Yes! Do that! Go for it!' So, for me, this was… We get to speak to a lot of young girls, and a lot of them do have those supportive parents, but a lot of them don't. So I think this was my way, lyrically, at least, just passing that on… As in, like, if I were… if and when I were to have a daughter, I would be passing these words on to her… I don't know… It's a strange song."

Added bassist Josh Smith: "It's a strange song, but with a great message. And although it says 'Dead Daughter', that's just great advice for anyone… be it a young kid, or anyone in a spot where they're, like, 'Man, I'm in just the pits right now. What the hell's my life gonna be like in ten years?' So it's just good sound advice for anyone kind of trying to find their way."

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