Monday, April 27, 2015

Atreyu will release "Long Live" album in September

Atreyu will release "Long Live" album in September, drummer and clean vocalist Brandon Saller says:

"We're stoked. It came out great. We're very much just shooting from the hip with this record, and whatever came out first is what we did. Vocalist Alex Varkatzas is fucking as brutal as ever. And it's fun. It's a very fun, cool record."

"Here's the thing. When we started the band, we were a hardcore band, and we wanted to progress and do… We always wanted to do bigger, better, bigger, better, bigger, better… every [album we released] at the time. And when we did 2007's 'Lead Sails Paper Anchor', it was, like, 'What's our next step?' We've gotten as big as a hardcore band can get, I think. What's the next step? So we were, like, 'Cool. Let's fucking do whatever the fuck we want. So we wrote a bunch of rock songs. A lot of heavy songs, a lot of rock songs… It was just an expansion of Alex wanting to do something different, and us wanting to do something different."

He continued: "We did 'Lead Sails', and it was a fucking really great record, and it sold a lot of records and it opened our band up to radio, opened our band up to tour with a lot of different bands we never would have before, and it was fun for us. But I think everyone loves their comfort zone and everyone just loves what they do, and it was kind of, like, 'It was rad to write this record and it was cool to tour it,' and whatever, but 'I just wanna get there and fucking be pissed and go fucking apeshit.' And we love that about him too. So I think going away for a while and not being in this band and coming back and being able to think about what you love most about the band… I mean, those were conversations that we had… Like, what do we love most? What's out strong suit? What do we feel most comfortable doing? 'Cause that's what we wanna do, 'cause that's the most fun. So I think, for him, he was, like, 'I just wanna fucking come out and rip people's heads off.' So it was, like, 'All right. Cool. You don't wanna sing? You don't sing. That's how we started. I'll sing. And you just fucking go nuts.' And everyone's stoked on it. And he's doing different shit. He's doing a lot of different stuff on the new record — different shit he's never done before. But it's brutal. It's fucking awesome."

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