Thursday, April 16, 2015

Anthrax's Frank Bello: "Joey Belladonna sings better than ever"

In a recent interview with WVOX's "Metal Mayhem" radio show, Anthrax's Frank Bello spoke about the progress of the recording sessions for the band and the vocal contributons of Joey Belladonna. Below some excerpts:

"Here's the way I look at this whole album thing and promoting your next record. This is a business. Everybody promotes their business and your next cycle, whatever it is. The thing is, you put your heart and soul into something like this and you write for a bunch of time. We were away from our families for quite a while writing the record and just going back and forth and picking and choosing. We don't let anything go. We nitpick to death, man. I mean, we're on e-mails all night: 'What part doesn't work?' 'What works?' I mean, it doesn't really end with us. We're very nitpicky until we know it's right. And it's really hard to let 'em go, too. When Scott says something like that, I have to say I feel the same way just because of what we've done with it. It's just… Man, we're fans of this…"

Frank added: "God, it sounds like I'm selling it, but I'm really not selling it; I'm just telling you the truth. We're fans of this music, so we can't let anything go that doesn't get us nuts, you know?!"
Joey is literally working on another song with producer Jay Ruston right now. We're up to vocals right now. It's going great, man.
I'll tell you this much and I'm not kissing up here, the guy is singing better than ever. And when I say 'ever,' dude, I'm saying the guy is freaking me out with some of the stuff he does on the record. It's, like, 'Where did that come from?' Sometimes I just say, 'Where did that come from, that note? What is that? For me, as a fan… I'm an Anthrax fan. So I'm not only in the band, but I wanna see the best for this band. So, for me, it makes me psyched to get this thing ready for people to hear."

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