Monday, March 16, 2015

Review - Sister Sin's Black Lotus

If you are craving that 80's metal sound, and even if you aren't, Black Lotus by Sister Sin, is worth more than one listen.  It's a rapid paced album with songs that flow into each other, yet still retain an identity of their own. Lyrics such as, "Welcome in to my world of darkness..."(Au Revoir )  and "...keep your enemies close fire in the hole and down came the wall..." combined with Jimmy Hiltula's fast and simple guitar riffs and Liv Jagrell's vocals-something between singing and yelling, sets the 80's vibe perfectly.
The curve ball in the middle of the album, The Jinx, only benefits the album. With much slower tempos than the rest of the tracks, it serves as a kind of break from all the frenetic energy around it. This is the song in which you really hear Jagrell's singing talent.  While some of the songs become repetitive, containing similar riffs and similar tempos, overall Black Lotus is a solid album worth having on your playlist. Overall Black Lotus is a 9.