Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mike Portnoy against UK's National Health Service

Mike Portnoy posted an angry message on Facebook about the UK's National Health Service after reporting he'd had to leave an Accident & Emergency ward without being treated.

Portnoy said: "A very special no thanks to the staff at the Whittington Hospital for not seeing me, regardless of telling them that there is an audience waiting for our show to begin. I finally left without seeing a doctor in order to make tonight's show. I have no idea how the hell I'm going to make it through this show. I can't even stand up or lift my arms."

A doctor who works at Whittington’s A&E, who's also a Portnoy fan, said: "As much as I'd jump at the opportunity to help you if I was on call tonight, please try to understand. Us healthcare professionals don't want anyone to wait or suffer at all – however we encounter life-threatening conditions every hour, sometimes every minute, that stop us from seeing others that may be slightly less unwell as quickly as we'd like. The NHS is under-financed, understaffed, overworked. We do have to economise our resources. With all the respect I have for you, it hurts when one of my idols insults an organisation I work very hard for. Waiting sucks, I know, but dying patients suck even more."