Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dave Lombardo talks about his musical influences

In a recent interview with Heavy Metal Artwork Dave Lombardo has revealed how he managed to be part of musical reality sometimes different from each other, below an excerpt:

Well, since you’ve been involved in a lot of diverse albums like the Vivaldi album, Apocalyptica, John Zorn as you said and Fantomas – what would you say it is that’s drawn you to such diverse projects? To the common metal fan you’re always thought of the fast double bass drummer, and I know there’s more to your playing. Can you talk about what’s drawn you to those projects, and then maybe about the mindset you’ve adopted for your drumming – like some of your favourite records?

"I think what’s driven me to be as diverse as I am is the fact that at such an early time in my career, I created a style that I was known for, and I felt that there was more to me than just thrash. Once Slayer released their first album, we had already tapped into the style, and drummers started coming up to me and saying, “Hey I really like your style!” but I’d always be like, there’s more to me. I’m into all other kinds of stuff. Most drummers would be surprised at what I listened to, which musicians.

So I think that’s what kind of drives me to be creative – I think that’s what initialised it, the drive to create something different. Now it’s enjoyment, to create different things, different movements and beats; working with different artists. I think that it keeps things exciting, challenging; it keeps your style diverse, and it teaches you a lot because when you work with the same guys day in and day out, you only know how those guys work.

When you step out and you challenge yourself and go into a room with this artist that you’ve never met before and you’ve only talked to, say, over the phone or via internet – you tend to be put on the spot. So you go, “OK, what do I do here? What do I do there? What’s gonna make him happy?” It’s challenging, and I like challenges – because once you get stuck in the rut, it just becomes very boring."

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