Monday, September 29, 2014

Slipknot's Corey Taylor talks about Jim Root's writing

Jim Root recently spoke of his exit from the Stone Stour. He admitted to being angry and depressed, but realized that it was for the best. In fact, he had more time to concentrate on the new Slipknot album .5: The Gray Chapter. (Click here to read more).

In a new interview with 105.1rocks, Corey Taylor says: "Jim came up with some killer stuff. I brought in some stuff, Clown brought some killer atmospheric stuff. I think we all really stepped up to the challenge."

Corey says that Slipknot didn't feel any pressure to make their first album without Paul Gray, but adds: "It was more emotional than stressful – filling the shoes of Paul was heavy-duty. He was such an integral part of the songwriting and had such a great ear for it. We knew we were all going to have to step in and fill those shoes. I thought we did a great job."

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