Thursday, August 7, 2014

AC/DC: the biographer of the band excludes a return of Malcolm Young

According to what was stated by Jesse Fink, biographer of AC/DC and author of the book "The Youngs: The Brothers Who Build AC/DC", "would not expect a return of Malcolm in the band." 
The family Young and AC/DC are keeping a high reserve on the details of the disease that is affecting Malcolm; though it spread with a certain insistence the voice of a possible stroke, other hypotheses have emerged, however, that by the time I snuck entourage of the band.
A source close to the group have claimed that Malcolm is having difficulty recognizing the faces of family members.
These are the declarations by the biographer of the band Jesse Fink, Boston radio station WZLX and Ultimate Classic Rock:

"I don't expect a return of Malcolm in the band. I think the most important thing is let go Mal and hope for his recovery. But I think all of us should we expect Steve Young [the grandson of Malcolm] as a new member of the band. [...] 
For me, his illness is a private matter. Either way, the fans seem to think that your disease is rising rapidly and will be there on stage when the band will announce the tour. If what I have heard from numerous sources is true, I expect to see Steve Young on tour with the band and not Malcolm. This is not an opinion seditious. I am a realist. "

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