Saturday, April 12, 2014

Scar The Martyr: the singer leaves the band

The Scar The Martyr has announced the release of the group by the singer Henry Derek Bonner .
Here are the words of the band:

To make things clear, are the Scar The Martyr to have left Henry Derek Bonner, not the opposite. We had to thoroughly analyze our situation and , given some personal and musical differences , go ahead without Henry we felt it was the best decision. We're very focused on new material and we look forward to all our fans can listen to it! Obviously we will try as soon as a new singer . We appreciate the continued support of our fans and we can not wait to share this new chapter with you. We wish Henry the best for his future.

Here the words of Henry Derek Bonner :

Because of personal and artistic differences are outside the Scar The Martyr . It took me a year of my life in this project, but it is time to move on . I will continue to make music in various forms, with a new band with King (God Seed) and Jeff Friedl (A Perfect Circle ) .

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