Tuesday, April 15, 2014

11 Slipknot stories you won't believe are true

With Slipknot, the truth has always been far weirded than fiction. And that's the way we like it.
We started thinking about all the time Slipknot said and did things we had trouble believing, but also could totally believe that they'd done withouth a question.
1. And the weirdest...
Someone Someone in a country that Clown has kept nameless plonked one down in front of him at a signing, with ‘People = Shit’ scrawled on it. Lovely. Though not as nice as Clown’s observation that the state of the object pointed to it being freshly dug from a grave.

2. The second weirdest thing they've signed
A cow’s heart.This wasn’t that unusual for Clown in the old days, who said he always used to get given dead birds and such in jars by fans (ambassador, you spoil him). But on this occasion, the fan whacked him in the head, then asked him to sign it. 

3. Corey nearly got barred from Rock'n'Roll Central
It is mighty difficult to get yourself kicked out of notorious LA watering hole The Rainbow Bar & Grill. Part restaurant, part living rock ‘n’ roll museum, it’s the sort of place where rockstars can do what they like because that’s what rockstars have done there since the 1960s. Oh, and Lemmy’s a regular. Corey got himself thrown out for throwing shot glasses at a one-time hero of his who was being “really unpleasant”. And throwing glass at someone is the height of charm, obviously.

4. They set the K! Awards on fire
It was 2000. Slipknot were riding high. So invited them to the Kerrang! Awards. And gave them three gongs. They returned the gesture by smashing glasses, throwing things at other guests, and Sid Wilson capped off his night by setting the table decorations ablaze, before upending the table.

5. Silent Corey
During Ozzfest ’99, Corey's voice was under such strain that he wasn’t allowed to talk, apart from when he was onstage. Which we imagine must have been murder for him, given that we’ve never known him to shut up. Still, it would have stopped him working on a Christmas single.

6. They got mistakenly busted for armed robbery
The way Clown tells it, back in the day, Slipknot were doing an instore. They were late, so they decided to get changed in the van on the way there. Efficient use of time, right? Totally. But the police didn’t think so. In fact, when nine blokes in masks and boilersuits unloaded from a van on a busy street, they thought a heist was going on and promptly started yelling at the band to get down on the ground.

7. The nailgun incident
Clown once said that during the recording of All Hope Is Gone, he had to relieve his bandmates of the firearms they’d been having a laugh with because, “We are Slipknot, and someone is going to get killed”. Sensible stuff, really. But he didn’t bank on Sid Wilson’s ability to hurt himself, even when he’s behaving himself. So it was that Sid managed to shoot himself with a nailgun while doing work on his home studio. Just don’t let them do anything, Clown. Ever.

8. The screams on (515)
While recording Iowa, DJ Sid Wilson turned up at the studio on a day when he wasn’t meant to be there. His grandfather had died the night before, and he needed to scream, as Clown put it. They gave him a mic and let their friend get it all out. “He was crying so much that he just kept getting more and more out of time,” explained Clown. The takes ended up as the album’s harrowing intro track.

9. Ross Robinson threw plants at them
While recording their 1999 debut with nu-metal sound bloke du jour (then) Ross Robinson, the men of the ‘Knot recalled how the producer would employ odd management techniques. He would, for example, wake them up unexpectedly to go and do takes, or make them run down a nearby mountain to get their blood flowing. Oh, and he made a habit of chucking things at the band as well. “One time I was playing and Ross threw a potted plant at me,” grinned Joey Jordison. “The dirt went in my mouth. It was awesome!”

10. They formed in a petrol station
Not the most auspicious birthplace for the greatest metal band of a generation, but neither is Des Moines, Iowa, so there you go. The place in question was Sinclair, where Joey Jordison worked night shifts (so he could listen to Deicide at work). In come two local musical madmen and force him to join their band. Voila - wheels in motion.

11. Clown ate a poo on stage
The rumour of rumours. Did the rubber-nosed one, or did the rubber-nosed one not, eat a dump during a gig? According to guitarist Jim Root, the truth is he did, but it wasn’t a fine-dining experience. “He probably had some on his hand and a bit went in his mouth, “He didn’t take a big bite out of it like it was a Snickers.” 

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