Wednesday, December 4, 2013

10 Best Metal Songs of 2013

Loudwire has drawn up the ranking of the "10 Best Metal Songs of 2013":

  1. 'God Is Dead?' - Black Sabbath
  2. 'An Ocean of Wisdom' - Gorguts
  3. 'Year Zero' - Ghost B.C.
  4. 'Shadow Moses' - Bring Me the Horizon
  5. 'Heartbreaker' - Mot├Ârhead
  6. 'Drumhead Trial' - Protest the Hero
  7. 'Where Dreams Go To Die' - Queensr├┐che
  8. 'Unspoken' - Kylesa
  9. 'When I Lost My Bet' - The Dillinger Escape Plan
  10. 'Cycles of Suffering' - Suffocation


  1. This is the worst list I've seen, this is injustice for the metal genre. Where are the sub-genres Power and progressive? Bring out some Heavy metal without screamo/growl too. This is nearly just a one-sided part of METAL, the people who did this list obviously haven't experienced the greatness of metal this year.

  2. Ghost b.c. blows donkey dick